Robinson Ballet does not charge a Registration Fee!!

Ways to register:
By Phone – Call 207-990-3140 Anytime!!

Tuition Payment Options

Full Year: Receive 5% discount when paid in full at start of school year
3-Payment Plan: September 7, 2016;  December 5, 2016; March 20,2017

Tuition is on a per student basis
There will be no refunds except in the case of serious illness or injury

1 Class per week
Full year – $320.00
3 Payment Plan – $120.00, $120.00 and $100.00
2 Classes per week
Full year – $645.00
3 Payment Plan – $240.00, $240.00 and $200.00


1 Class per week
Full year – $385
3 Payment Plan – $144; $144; $120
2 Classes per week
Full year – $710
3 Payment Plan – $264; $264; $220
3 Classes per week
Full year – $970
3 Payment Plan – $360; $360; $300
Full Year – $1165
3 Payment Plan – $432, $432, $360

Single Classes Rate
30 – 45 Minute Class – $10
60 – 90 Minute Class – $12

School Information

School classes are ongoing – Sessions are only for payment purposes

Snow Day Cancelations
Classes will be canceled if the Bangor School Systems is closed for the entire day.  This does NOT include cancellation of after school programs.

No Classes
Thanksgiving – November  23-26, 2016
Holiday Vacation – December  19-31, 2016
February Vacation – February 20-25, 2017
April Vacation – April 18 – 23, 2017
Memorial Day – May 29, 2017

Snow Days

On days when the Bangor School System decides to call a snow day, the School of Robinson Ballet will cancel its classes as well. If the weather gets progressively worse through the school day, please call 990-3140 to check for RBC’s cancellation decision – cancellation of Bangor Schools’ after school programs does not mean RBC will necessarily cancel.

Late Registration

Not able to start at the beginning of the school year? You can still sign up for classes even after the school year has started. Call 990-3140 to find out your options and join in the fun.

Guidelines and Policies

Parents are invited to wait for their children on the 3rd and 4th floor landings. You are not required to wait for your children during class time, but if you choose to, bring a good book and make our home your home. If you have other children waiting with you, please, be sure you are supervising them. On most occasions the doors to the studios will be open during class times. We ask that conversation be kept quiet in these areas.

Students should be picked up in a timely manner.

The Girls dressing room is located at the end of the hallway on the 3rd floor. The Boys dressing room is located on the 4th floor. We ask that Dads please not enter the Girls dressing room. Someone will be available to help your daughters change if necessary.

Tuition may be paid for in two ways. A full year payment, with which you will receive a 5% discount or in 3 payments throughout the year. Payment dates are listed on our class information sheet. Signs will be posted on the 3rd floor bulletin board to remind parents when payments are due.

*Any family that may have difficulty with these payment options should contact us.

Class cards are available for Adult classes only and may be used at anytime throughout the year. Single class payments apply only for drop in classes. Drop in classes are for out of town visitors, college students or adults.

Boys ages 9 to young adult may be invited to participate in any classes at no cost. This does not apply to master classes, workshops, summer classes or pre-season classes.

If a student knows ahead of time that she/he will be missing a class please inform the teacher or call the studio to let them know.

Missed classes may be made up in a reasonable amount of time with a class of similar aged students and ability. Teachers will guide students to the appropriate class or you may call the office.

No refunds will be given because of a students’ personal schedule. In the event of a prolonged illness or injury that prohibits dancing a doctor’s statement should be presented to secure a partial refund. There are no refunds on class cards.

In case of inclement weather:

The Studio phone message (990-3140) will be changed to reflect any change in class schedules due to weather.

Notification of class cancellations will be sent to WLBZ channel 2 and the website of WABI channel 5.

Snow Days – classes will be cancelled if Bangor Schools are cancelled for the day. This policy does not apply if “After School” programs are cancelled.

Ballet- Leotard and tights (any color), ballet slippers, pointe shoes (where applicable)
Boys- t-shirt, shorts, tights or leggings, dance belt.

Jazz/Modern/Tap/Hip-Hop- Form fitting exercise clothing, jazz pants (no jeans)
Ballet slippers, jazz shoes or sneakers, bare feet for modern, tap shoes for tap.

Form fitting sweaters/sweatshirts and leg warmers may be worn in cold weather.

In Most cases with the exception of ballet it is sufficient to have long hair pulled back away from the face and secured in a ponytail. For short hair barrettes or a headband will suffice.

Hair for ballet class should be pulled back from the face and secured to the head.

Suggestions- bun, French braid, high ponytail or braid with ends tucked under and pinned

The date for our Studio Show is June 4, 2016. The Studio Show takes the place of a full blown recital. It is an opportunity for our students to learn a piece of choreography to be performed for friends and family. Costumes, for the most part, will be provided by School of Robinson Ballet and the Robinson Ballet. All students are invited to participate in the show. Preparations begin in full about a month or so before the show. We ask that all students who decide to participate make a commitment to attend all those classes. If any student consistently misses these classes without an appropriate excuse or because of their personal schedule we reserve the right to remove them from the show.

The Studio Show is held at the Union St. Brick Church.  Admission – $5.00 (Free for children 5 & under)