Auditions and Casting

Robin Hood Auditions

January 6, 2018,  11:00-1:00

Robinson Ballet presents a new family friendly production of the story “Robin Hood”

Auditions are open to dancers ages 10 – Adult.

All dancers need to bring all Saturday conflicts they may have. Rehearsals will start Saturday January 13. Rehearsals will only take place on Saturdays unless otherwise needed for soloists.

Dancers on pointe should bring pointe shoes.

Robinson Ballet will follow the original tale of the most famous outlaw of England, Robin Hood, along with Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marion and his band of Merry Friends as they take from the rich to give to the poor by using their superb skills of archery and sword fighting against King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. In the midst of the merry action, there is fun, love, great abundant dancing!

Performance Dates:
April 14 & 15 at the Grand Auditorium in Ellsworth
April 21 & 22 at the Brewer Performing Arts Center