Auditions and Casting

Where the Wild Things Are

Max Lily Kollman
Max’s Mom Hannah McCarthy
Max’s Dog Noah Speed
 Forest Transformation
Forest Dryads Kaitlynn Bossie, Luci Clein, Cat Stewart
Relocation Tribe (Continuous throughout ballet) Catherine Ahola, Devin Hagerty, Johannah Harrod, Sadie Webb
 Ocean Journey
Waves and Water Isaiah Brissette-Hatch, Samuel Brissette-Hatch, Brigid Salid, Megan Salib, Noah Speed
Water Nymphs Ellie DeRosby, Zoe Iobst, Brooke McKay, India Moon, Ali Nason
Mermaids Katherine Buetens, Cate Pope,
Nessie Rubie Kollman
 In the Land of the Wild Things
Elektra Liz Vanadia
Rocco Ed Vanzura
Amelie Alica Berube
Wild Things Kaitlynn Bossie, Isaiah Brissette-Hatch, Samuel Brissette-Hatch, Katherine Buetens,Luci Clein, Ellie DeRosby, Rubie Kollman, Hannah McCarthy, Brooke McKay, India Moon, Ali Nason, Cate Pope, Brigid Salib, Megan Salib, Noah Speed, Cat Stewart

FRIDAY MAY 5 – In school Performance, Brewer Performing Arts Center
SATURDAY MAY 6 @ 3PM, Brewer Performing Arts Center
SUNDAY MAY 7 @ 3PM, Brewer Performing Arts Center
FRIDAY MAY 12 – Day performance, Grand Auditorium, Ellsworth

Where The Wild Things Are is inspired by Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s book of the same name. The story will follow Max’s fit of fury, his epic journey to where the wild things are and back home again to find a warm supper.