A Penny For Your Thoughts Posted October 7, 2013 by Stevie Dunham


We want to make your experience the best we can with Robinson Ballet and at the School of Robinson Ballet and help you get rid of any spare change lying around.  We have chosen 3 studio improvement projects and want our patrons to vote for the one that matters most for them.  There are 3 jars at the studio, each labeled with one improvement project, you can vote by putting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or dollar bills in the jar representing the project you most care about – the jar that has the most money by December 31st wins!

Please give us your feedback!  We have also added a Suggestion Box because we want your input as well.

The 3 Improvement Projects are:

Hot Water Heater – A hot water heater would provide hot water to the hallway sink.

A Curtain System for “Big Studio” Mirrors – When it comes time for events we like to hide the mirrors.  This helps dancers remember choreography and make the studio more adaptable.  The curtain system would consist of curtain rods mounted to the mirror frame and black curtains that can be pulled back during dance classes.

Update the Reception Area – We’ve already replaced the windows and curtains, but now would like to paint, update the furniture, and frame the 35 years worth of posters in wooden frames.